MPD Manufacturing Assembly Services Mexico USA Border
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Contract Manufacturing / Assembly Services.

Wire Harness

PC / Electronic Boards Manual Soldering

Medical Products

Industrial Cutting and Sewing

Your Contract Manufacturing & Assembly Solution

MPD Manufacturing, Inc. is an El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juárez, México based maquiladora for companies seeking to outsource assembly and sub-assembly jobs. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) along with lower Mexican operating costs, allow our international operation to significantly reduce your production costs.

We are dedicated to providing world class assembly services while maintaining competitive standards on services, costs, quality, and delivery.
Although we do not perform manufacturing, we do utilize your own raw materials to ship back only the highest quality fully assembled products.

We are poised to handle a variety of Assembly, Kitting and Packaging services for most products with a commitment to quality assurance. Since the quality of our production process is guaranteed, why not contact us today and begin to Accelerate your Success.

MPD Manufacturing Assembly Services Mexico USA Border