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General Sewing.

MPD cut and sew any kind of woven or not woven textile fabrics, and from that point on, we’re capable to produce any kind of garment, saddle pad, pillow, blanket, or anything in between. Either with ultrasonic or industrial sewing machines, MPD provides its customers the finest, cleanest and fastest production services their business require.

PC Board Assembly and Manual Soldering.

With the help of the most qualified technicians and trained personnel, MPD is capable of reaching those tiny places and parts that no machines are able to, providing customized solutions on any kind of PC or Electronic Board in the market.

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Wire Harness and Wire Preparation.

At MPD, we are pioneers in the harness and wire business since 1990! You provide the specifications and materials, we prepare the wires and we ship you back your harness tested the way you like it.

Services manufacturing low cost assembly mexico

Cable Assemblies.

MPD can build up any kind of cable as you may need. We cut the wire and prepare the materials with the international standards you need, in order to fulfill your requirements.

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Medical Products Assembly and Packaging.

As passionate people for quality and excellence. MPD Manufacturing will be your best allies in delivering the most of your medical products. MPD Manufacturing have the right expertise in the business and have manufacturing capabilities in both countries. Mexico or United States, with clean rooms available in both sides of the border.

Electromechanical Assemblies.

Hardness, wires, cables, motors, altogether within a component. MPD Manufacturing can be your “one-stop-shop” in electromechanical devices that will enhance your business by reducing lead times and manufacturing cots… you can trust us.

mexico manufacturing general sewing

Labor Intensive and Other General Assemblies.

Looking for optimizing labor costs MPD Manufacturing can help: Outsourcing with us will make your cost burden much lighter. MPD deliver the production process uo to your needs with a long lasting business relationship based on trust, loyalty and excellence.